Do any of the following describe you?

  • You struggle to predictably attract great leads who become great clients/customers
  • You’re tired of working hard just to make ends meet
  • You’re tired of clients and prospects ghosting you, haggling over price, or otherwise not respecting your time
  • You’d like to drastically increase your income and quality of life in the near future

If you said yes to any of the above, then joining my email list may be one of the best decisions you’ve made in a long time.

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Out Of Your Business

Most business owners struggle to attract the clients or customers they want, get paid the rates they deserve, and have the freedom and quality of life they had in mind when they went into business in the first place.

Worse, most of them accept this depressing reality sitting down. Why?

Because they look around and see everyone else with the same problems and assume it’s just the “cost of doing business.”

Are you one of these business owners?

If so, you’ve come to
the right place.

The truth is there are some simple behaviors and systems that anyone can put in place that are guaranteed to increase your income, make your business more resilient, and give you the control and quality of life you dream of but have probably come to believe is impossible.

At some point, you must have caught a glimpse of someone like you who doesn’t seem to struggle with the same fundamental problems in their business, and thought, “How the hell does he/she do that?”

The answer is almost always simple. But you may not be able to see it at first glance, especially if you’ve been brought up on the conventional B.S. regurgitated by the muffin brains who dominate social media and the internet marketing community.

The first thing to realize is that if you want exceptional results, you can’t follow conventional methods.

After all, conventional methods by definition can only produce conventional results.

So look around at the ashen-faced, defeated masses of eternally struggling business owners and ask yourself…

Is that really what I want?

Of course it’s not. That’s why you’re here.

But to get the results you’re after (attracting great clients, making your income soar, getting back control of your daily life), you’ll need to be willing to do things differently.

That means potentially incurring the disapproval of your conventional-minded friends and associates, and possibly even being mocked and laughed at by the NPCs who are hopelessly attached to following the herd.

You will have to be okay with being told by other business owners that “you’re doing things wrong,” even as you’re out-earning them with less work and far less stress.

Everything I teach is 100% ethical (in fact, in many ways much more ethical than conventional business behavior) and it works for everyone. Yet for the reasons just described, very few will ever put it into practice.

If you can’t imagine yourself bucking convention and being sneered at by the clueless, this is probably not the place for you. You should go find a muffin brain to learn from, someone who will tell you to keep doing the things that get you pats on the back instead of dollars in your bank account.

On the other hand, if you’re hungry for results, don’t mind being the black sheep (in a good way), and don’t mind putting your own biases to the test and ruthlessly discarding everything that is ineffective and holding you back…

You might be in
the right place after all.

In that case, the first step is always to get on my email list to start receiving daily tips on how to take more control in your business, make more money, and have more fun doing it.