“Who The *#&%
Is This Guy,

My name is Jeff Vece (hope you’ve figured out that much so far), and I coach solo entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“Coach them in what?”

Getting clients more predictably, selling at higher rates, and gaining the control over their daily lives that most of them thought they were getting when they started a business…only to find that the business ended up running them.

“How do you do that?”

Most of what I teach falls under the dual banners of marketing and sales. But that’s where it gets tricky…

Because nearly everything you do in your business is marketing — whether you realize it or not.

And this is where business owners go wrong. They think marketing is a separate activity that lives in its own little box. A few social posts here, a few ads there, maybe some new business cards…oh, I know, let’s blow a few thousand on a website!

The truth is that no matter what industry you’re in, marketing is your business. And you are your marketing.

Does that sound a bit cryptic?

Don’t worry, the advice I give in my emails and in person is much more concrete and actionable.

And it’s all based on the oldest and most time-tested principles in marketing, sales, and persuasive communication. Stuff that has literally worked since humans began communicating (we’re talking waayyy before TikTok or even Twitter).

Principles that have been used by the most effective marketers, negotiators, and salespeople who have ever lived.

And, quite hilariously, that are often shunned by mainstream “advice regurgitators” who parrot whatever their favorite guru waving around the newest shiny object tells them to say.

After working as a copywriter and marketing consultant with countless clients across most any industry you can name, I can tell you with absolute certainty — the difference between the business owners who follow these principles and those who don’t is black and white.

In short, it’s what really determines your success in business.

Anyway, that’s way more than enough about me. The best way — by far — to get to know me is to sign up for my daily emails.

It’s also the best way to start making more money fast.